Thursday, September 11, 2008

i have a new blog!!! :)

p.s : James said i need to publicise!!! heh.

Monday, September 01, 2008

hey people. considering i'm leaving in exactly 23 days time, i think i might just start blogging. vent out all my frustrations and misery somewhere.. haha. nah, i think i just want a place where i can say the things i want to say without the embarassment. :) so yea.. wait for it! :D


my wings are being mended as we speak
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

zomg the joys of having perfect internet connection again!!! no, my hostel has not upgraded their internet connection. i'm currently in Hospital Kepala Batas.. over the weekend i went on a little holiday with my friends to Batu Ferringhi. knowing the oh so clumsy me, i fell down and dislocated my shoulder. so basically i'm in the hospital recuperating and going for physiotherapy.

but all's not lost. thank God it happened on sunday night which means i got to make full use of my weekend. about 7 other friends and i stayed in Sri Sayang apartments on Saturday night, we actually went to the Island on Friday after good Friday's service which absolutely rocked thou i wish i was back in Kl to watch broken. but anyway we put up the night at a friend's house before leaving for BF on saturday afternoon. then we walked on the beach, wind in our hair, sand in between our toes and just laughing and soaking in the bliss-fullness of the moment. had tea by the beach which felt super good considering it had just rained a couple of hours before and the wind was still a wee bit chilly. thou the potong-ing part was that the sand was damp and sticky. i mean it was nice la but it would've been better if it hadn't rained cats and dogs. but oh well.. heh.

OMGGM we went to the nicest place to have dinner. if u guys ever head over to BF go along the beach near park Royal and you will find this really nice place called SUNSET BISTRO. it's absolutely perfect la. seriously. the food tastes good and it's reasonably priced. and BOY OH BOY the fact that it was next to the beach was AMAZING!!!! ha ha. headed over to Momo after that which was not bad considering the name of the club. heh. but zomg the amount of gay guys there were was overwhelming.

shit i gtg. damn it. i'll continue soon enough. heh. bloody library's closing for lunch. ttyl


p.s: i didn't dislocate my shoulder. o gpt shorlisted for the JPA's scholarship pendedahan kerjaya doktor. so YAy! :D and zomg i met an actual patient with gout and a dude who was HIV positive. talk bout being doctor-ied rite. anyhoo BYE

now where's my other wing?
Sunday, March 16, 2008

i'm leaving in exactly 3 hours. but i'm leaving my house in one hour coz MAS needs you to check in an hour before takeoff. :( i'm gonna miss my house, my smelly room, my dog, my friends, my mum, my fam members, church, my bikini, my harry potter collection, my sci-fi looking radio, my bras etc. gosh. i wish i didn't have to leave. oh btw. the new post with the pics are 2 posts below this. dumb draft thingy only lets u update on the day u draft that post. ok i so totally dun understand what i just said but yea. it's back to Penang for me! so less updates i guess. hopefully not la but oh well. till next time. lots of love. muax

when my world came crashing down
Saturday, March 15, 2008

the past week:

i'm writing this post right after i saved the post i was supposed to post with loads of pictures coz i'm tired and i want to sleep. heh. i'll post that one up 2moro k? bye. :)

Soundtrack: Melee - Built to last (courtesy of Soo XInghan!)


have YOU seen my wings?
Friday, March 14, 2008

It feels so surreal that my week back home in oh so lovely Subang Jaya is already coming to an end. going back to penang is going to be bittersweet. shoot. i wish ACMS was in KL. i mean that would be soo perfect. i get to keep all these cool and lovely college friends and at the same time hang out with my high shool friends whom i miss soo dearly. the past few days have been spent reminiscing and catching up with all of them. which undeniably felt soo good.

so anyway since we all made this "pact" to celebrate our results before actually getting them, some of us met up on Tuesday night. what was supposed to be a night in the 'hillpark' became a night in Laundry. there was the usual alcohol and stuff. ZOMG everyone needs to have their Strawberry N.Y Cheesecake coz it's that good. actually i think the Secret Recipe one's better la. but oh well.. it's pretty good too. :D

lim dao wei aka annoying best friend extraordinaire
Jon who was rempit hair and NIt who now walks like a penguin coz he has to wear a leg brace.

zomg. this was when Jon ordered his flaming Lambo. babi. damn sad man. d flame never reached the bottom coz the waiter who looked like he was from Myanmar didn't know how to pour and the alcohol started spilling all over the place. needless to say it was an absolute waste of money and a COMPLETE disaster. ha ha. but oh well.

as usual i was a cinderella with an extra hour put in. so i left early. the rest of the gang went to a bar in KL owned by one of our friends. and let's just say they had loads of bonding time and the ride of their lives! ;)

well the next day, I went over to Lim's place in a dress to collect our results. that boy went completely berserk when he saw what i was wearing and started saying things that made me want to go home and change. and so he sent me home to change. PFFT. then we went to the coffeeshops near our houses before meeting part of the gang in Old Town. it was good seeing Ivan, Brenda n Gerard after so long. so yea. ooo i bought this Lipice colour gloss that has a really yummy watermelon taste! :D ok that was random but wth.

the ever so cool rocker nithi. konon la. ha ha.

yes i find it weird that there's a roxy sticker on his back window too. :)

the QUITE handsome Lim Dao Wei.

Nit trying to release pre-resuls tension by singing along to The Darkness - love is only a feeling. that boy has been wearing that Malaysian Idle shirt since God knows when! ha ha.
So anyway. we made our way to school and zomg walking into school was like stepping back in time. and boy it felt good. ha ha. it was nice to see everyone, rempit hair and all. the first teacher i saw was Pn Chong and being the oh so perfect model student that i am (heh) i went up to her to shake her hand n stuff. zomg she suddenly went " oh you ah. i saw your results. not bad ah! congrats" soo not the right thing to say to someone who's practically peeing in her pants due to the nervewrecking-ness of waiting for them to release the results. not to mention the fact that all my college friends were sms-ing me asking about my results WHILE telling me their ever so amazing results. 10 As here la. 11 As there la. zomg man. add that to the fact that my aunty called me at 9 sthin in the morning. the conversation was as follows:

Aunt: hi becky
Me: hi aunty *insert name*. how are you?
Aunt: eh take results d a nt? how many As?
Me: ai yoo.. haven't taken yet la. on the way. school only releasing resluts at 11 sthin.
Aunt: so late wan ah? make sure u call me once u get ur results u noe? this is my number ah!
Me: ok then. i'll call u when.. *she hangs up phone*

yup. tension gila. and my 15 year old cousin sms-ing me at 9 in the morning didn't help either. so back to the point. i mean dahlah they make us wait for them to release it. we had to line up to get our results somemore! HAIYO!!!! seriously. the wait was a bigger killer than the initial wait. and after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, yes i know i'm a drama queen, it was my turn. *insert dramatic star-trek-like score* babi i kept going" teacher don't see my results ah. don't show me oso ah!" and i was basically taking and signing stuff with my eyes closed. until Pn leela and gang jumped to look at my results going "not bad wat". shit la. i was totally expecting a few Bs here and there. but THANK THE LORD i got straight As!!!! yay. obviously i started screaming my head off and zomg i saw Pn. Loy, my math teacher, who saw my results and started screaming her head off too! ha ha. how cool is my math teacher la?!

then i called my mum and told her my results to which she responded "oh really ah?! how many A1s? good good. eh i gtg la. bye" thanks mum. pft. ha ha. oh oh then i called another aunt. and our convo was as follows:

Me: hi *insert aunt's name*. i got 10 As!!!
Aunt: for what?
Me: SPM la.
Aunt: oh yea hor. good good. how many A1s?
Me: umm. *insert number of A1s*
Aunt: oh *silence*
Me: ha ha ha. oh. *silence*

please tell me that was super potong stim. ha ha. i have pictures! :)

Gerard. who i thought got pretty good results except for that potong-ing one. OH WELL! i still love you GERARD NICHOLAES RAPHAEL TAN!

Lim and the oh so hot Cheryl Ho. zomg if u thought she was hot in school, u should see her now! *jaw drops*

the ever so nice Keith Loong. he went "eh becky. u look so short la" and then proceeded to bend a lil lower so i looked taller! didn't i tell u he was nice? zomg remember all those sunshine-filled, ice kacang-eating walks home on friday afternoons?! boy i miss those times. :)

sherry who still looks incredibly cute with Ivan and who gets horny when she's had J.D! ha ha. sorry i can't make it for ur party at Republic hunn. super potong stim la. PFFT.

and so. we resumed celebrations in Taipan of all places. strawberry fields to be exact. and we met quite a few ppl from USJ 13 and SU there! heh.

WHY? WHY do i have camwhore friends?! :D

the incredibly talented Timothy Kang.
us girls.

them boys

us girls went home after that and the boys went over to Jian's place in Kota Kemuning to do whatever them boys do when they hang out. heh. later at night we went to Borneo Rainforest which serves pretty good and reasonably priced food. not to mention the really nice ambience. the only annoying part was the "techno" music infused with like a tribal beat which was oh so irritating! ha ha. and boy oh boy. there was this pretty amazing live band there who played all these pretty great songs that gave us a sense of nostalgia. ZOMG. then they started playing OAsis - Don't Look back in anger which pretty much opened a floodgate of memories. i was on the verge of tears when the potong-ingly finished the song early. PFFT. but i mean u could see that everyone missed high school la coz every toast we made was to high school experiences. DAMN IT. i miss high school and i'll never e able to listen to that song without thinking bout high school ever again! :)

basically what i wanna say is i treasure all those fun memories in high school and the bad bitchy ones. and i miss every single one of u. i mean it's true when they say high school is the best time of your life and that the friends you make there can never ever be replaced! :D i just wanna say that i'm really proud of how far everyone has come so far regardless of what's printed on that dumb result slip. I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND I WOULDN'T TRADE ANY OF YOU FOR THE WORLD AND HECK I AIN'T ASHAMED TO SAY IT!

soundtrack: Oasis - don't look back in anger ;)


i forgot to remember to forget
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it just dawned on me that TOMORROW is THE day. zomg man. shit. i mean why on earth didn't i stay up that extra hour to cram my head with spermatogenesis!! ai yo... shit la. i'm beginning to hyperventilate here. shit. oh no. pochi la. shit. oh shit. oh no. shit man. ai yooooo.. i'm screwed la. seriously. no joke. and here i was thinkinh that i'd get good results. for all you know i got all Bs rite? babi english also get B can go commit suicide la. BABI LA!!!! shit. add that to the fact that most of my friends from pre-med are planning to apply for JPA scholarships. shit. my prayers are tonight are gonna be evil. quoting Julian of course. heh. ai yoo... shit.

on the upside, i'm going to Laundry tonight. ai yoo.. like so cool like that rite?! babi la. for one there'll be alcohol. shit la. i don't remember the last time i drank. i'm prob shit at it right now. oh well. it'll be a night of camwhoring, drinking and lots of fun. fingers crossed of course. heh. but ai yoo... bloody SPM La. i wish the results didn't have to come out. oi people. don't ask me bout my results until i tell u. capiche? mum's nt calling me neither is she following me to school. she's helping out in church. *wipes brow* so yea. i'm pretty much in deep shit. YIPEEE... add that to the fact that i absolutely HATE my bangs. damn annoying la. ish. pfft. heh. more updates soon. BYE!

Track: Faber Drive - Second Chance
p.s : i really don't know.

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